SHOT PUT(4kg G):
100M RUN(B):
100M RUN(G):
Long Jump (B):
1500M RUN(B):
1500M RUN(G):
200M RUN(B):
200M RUN(G):
Discus Throw(2kg B):
Discus Throw (1kg G):
Long Jump (G):
5000M RUN(B):
4 X 400M Relay(B):
4 X 400M Relay(G):
800M RUN(G):
800M RUN(B):
Javelin Throw (800gm B):
3000M Run (G):
4 X 100M Relay(B):
4 X 100M Relay(G):
400M RUN(B):
400M RUN(G):

Titania Welcomes you to IISER Kolkata

Badminton mix double grouping has been changed to knock out.

Winner 1(Bhopal vs Pune) , Winner 2(NISER vs Kolkata), Winner 3(CEBS vs TVM) and Winner 4(Tirupati vs Mohali)

Chess schdeule can be flexible to mutual understanding of respective teams.


Some modifications in the Grouping of IISM-2016: Throwball : There was a small mistake in the grouping ,we did not consider NISER (The new entry from NISER was in the modified version of the list sent by them) So now PUNE goes in the group along with KOLKATA and BHOPAL as TVM was the runner up last year. (TVM is in the other group) Badminton Mixed Doubles: There will be Knock-Out tournament .For grouping and other doubts look for the video below.

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